River Carron Reflections

Late May, early June on the River Carron in Sutherland, Scotland. The opportunity to take these images rather took me by surprise, but once spotted and inspired I was hooked, almost obsessed and went back to the same spot at least three times, to see what I could capture. Like many photographers I find huge excitement in recording moments that may never be exactly the same again or at least will take a while to get somewhere close. These images are from one such opportunity. A combination of the stunning golden yellow Broom and Gorse in full flower along the river bank, with the river so low and consequentially so still, I found in front of me an almost unique set of circumstances. A little up stream of the calm pool that had drawn my attention, there was just enough water trickling down the rapids to create a stir, a ripple, some movement in places. This brought wonderful variation at the different times I headed down to the river with my camera. I love the resulting abstract quality in these images. I love the fact that they have texture and their surface seems like a painting. Some are difficult to make sense of but they have strength in their vibrance and remind us of the vitality of colour. I am left feeling truly inspired and these images will be part of a new ongoing project. Tilly Hunter

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About Me

Tilly Hunter is a photographer and mother based in South West London.

Art History and Fine Art have been an integral part of her education and working life. Such influences tie in strongly with her passions as a photographer. She is fascinated by the links between painters, painting and photography since its inception in the mid 19th century, right up to the way contemporary photographers see and capture images today.

Her style in landscape is painterly and this crosses over in to her love of all things botanical and the natural details we find in every day life. She also enjoys photographing children and families, always hoping to capture the strong bonds between parents, children and siblings.

Keen on colour, she likes to exploit the relationship between colours in a photograph in order to maximise its effect.

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